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Press Release: “10”

Kappatos Gallery, 12, Athinas str., Monastiraki, tel. 210 3217931, presents from Thursday the 6th of November 2014 until the 3rd of January 2015 the group exhibition


International and Greek artists of Kappatos Gallery meet in a group exhibition which will be completed in collaboration with Art Professionals-In-Athens Residency and the participation of the Irish sculptor Tim Shaw R.A. on the 20th of November.

Artists: Marina Abramović, Aliki Pappa, Lynda Benglis, Michalis Kantzourakis, Peggy Kliafa, Vassilis Salpistis, Yiorgos Papafigos, Yiorgos Sampsonidis, Marie Voignier, Tim Shaw.
Marina Abramović uses her body as the medium and the object through which the artist explores the physical and mental limits of her existence, in an attempt to transfer herself into an extreme and primitive state of emotional and spiritual experience. Aliki Pappa deals with the notion of absence or/and the secret presence through soundless works that serve a pact of silence. The work of Lynda Benglis transforms her personal desires and concepts into forms and amorphous images in a gestural and direct way, by using the nature itself and the properties of the materials. Michalis Kantzourakis includes in his work creative elements of contemporary artistic research coming from Greek and international Postwar Art, moving between reality and abstraction and referring mainly to the urban culture.

Using as her unit the pill or tis wrapping, Peggy Kliafa composes stunning images of metallic walls, stained-glass windows of well known European Cathedrals, wallpapers, lace, mosaics and narrates the relational progress of human evolution on the healing of the body and soul. Vassilis Salpistis focuses on the problematic nature of the eminently artistic gesture and explores both the conditions of the limits of its recognizability. The manifested appeal of the design skills of Yiorgos Papafigos constitutes the handmade object, which dominates its support and turns to everyday people and their mental, sexist and emotional prisons. The landscapes of Yiorgos Sampsonidis come from the Land of Sleep and Oblivion and welcome the viewer into a borderline insight. Marie Voignier was the third resident of Art Professionals-In-Athens Residency and during her stay, Voignier created in collaboration with Vassilis Salpistis the experimental film-collage One by One. The exhibition will be completed with the participation of Tim Shaw, the fifth artist to resident in Art Professionals-In-Athens Residency. Shaw will present two new works that deal with order, normality and their relation with chaos.

Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12-8 pm Saturday 12-4 pm

Monastiraki Metro Station

Kappatos Gallery, 12 Athinas str., Monastiraki, Athens 10554

Τ: 210 3217931 F: 210 3212745