Peggy Kliafa’s impressive sculpture in the big virtual exhibition "The Right to Silence?" – The heart of Greek culture in New York (photo-video)

The new cultural platform «Greece in USA», a newly established organism with a global reach, which has the ambition to promote the Greek contemporary culture abroad and is based in New York – Artworks of important Greek artists are presented in its opening exhibition.

The heart of culture is beating in New York, with important artworks, of established Greek artists. The cultural platform ‘GREECE IN USA’ is inaugurated with the group exhibition “The Right to Silence” which is, organized in New York, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, City University of New York and in other cultural venues from the 30 th of December 2020 until the 31 st of July 2021.

Η νέα πολιτιστική πλατφόρμα «Greece in USA», ένας νεοσύστατος οργανισμός παγκόσμιας εμβέλειας, φιλοδοξεί να προάγει τον ελληνικό σύγχρονο πολιτισμό στο εξωτερικό με έδρα τη Νέα Υόρκη.


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Inspirer and founder of this multicultural idea is Sozita Goudouna, a Greek curator and professor at the New York University CUNY of international fame, one of the most prominent curators in USA with long tenure in the field, reports SHIVA gallery at the presentation of the exhibition.

Margarita Athanasiou – Abolition

This unique initiative conceives and produces projects that build long-lasting partnerships
with leading institutions and individuals who actively engage with Greece.

Steven Antonakos – Red

In order to view virtually the exhibition please click HERE

In this context the opening exhibition entitled “The Right to Silence?” addresses issues of criminal justice and consists of a survey and two parallel streams addressing different political and geographical contexts, focusing on Greece and Cyprus.

Panos Kokkinias, Skylight in the context of “The Right To Silence” Group Exhibition, Greece in USA, 2020

In order to visit the exhibition catalogue please click HERE

Among the important artworks which are presented at the exhibition, Peggy Kliafa’s impressive sculpture entitled Silent “Cells”.

Silent “Cells”, Peggy Kliafa, 2020, sculpture

The exhibition is curated by Sozita Goudouna and the participating artists are:
Antelman Maria, Antonakos Stephen, Antoniou Klitsa, Athanasiou Margarita, Balaskas Bill,
Bofiliou Margarita, Bourgoin Veronique, Charalambidis Nicos, Chatzipavlidou Despina  &
Mouriadou Anthi, D'Agostino Tim, Dimitriadi Christina, Drivas George, Finley Karen,
Frangouli Nayia, Georgiou Alexandros, Geyer Andrea & Hayes Sharon, Giannakopoulou Eva,
Gizeli Kleio, Hadjigeorghiou Yioula, Haritou Kleopatra, Harvey Steve C., Hunt Ashley, Inglessi
Marion, Kamler Richard, Kavalieratos Dionysis, Kliafa Peggy, Kokkinias Panos, Kotretsos
Georgia, Lappas Aristides, Lemos-Daskalakis Manolis, Linardaki Eirini, Logothetis Aristides,
Magnati Renee, Manouach Ilan, Mattis Daina, Migliaressi-Phoca Olga & Damaskou Despoina
for SPAGHETTO, Papafigos Yorgos, Piperidou Hara, Salpistis Vassilis, Sklavenitis Panos,
Spyrou Efi, Stagouraki Marilia, Stamatakis George, Stathacos Chrysanne, Susin Juli, Tsagaris
Panos, Tsivopoulos Stefanos, Twitchin Mischa, Venieri Lydia, Vlahos Vangelis, Volanakis
Adonis, Zygoury Mary.

Silent “Cells”, Peggy Kliafa, 2020, sculpture

GREECE IN USA is a non-profit organization with a global reach that promotes knowledge of contemporary and ancient Greek Culture while fostering international cultural cooperation, experimentation, and social engagement. The platform is dedicated to offering innovative and unique programs in education and the arts, all exploring the evolving diversity and richness of Greek and Cypriot cultures, seeks to generate new thinking about the arts and to promote cross-cultural dialogue through partnerships and “new” platforms of expression. It focuses on several actions, among them, the development and support of the creative academic research with an emphasis on the cultural policy and the extroversion of the Greek culture. It focuses also in the production of artworks and festivals in collaboration with distinguished cultural partners in USA, as well as the organization of seminars, workshops and cultural exchanges through art residencies’ programs.