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Peggy Kliafa: Pharmakon

Kappatos Art Gallery inaugurates on Thursday the 28th of November at 20.00, Peggy Kliafa’s exhibition, Pharmakon.

Peggy Kliafa’s solo show, Pharmakon, consists of works that were produced from 2008 until today, which are allocated in three conceptual units, “Religion-Metaphysics”, “Nature”, and “Science-Chemistry”.

The dominant, the particular element of the work, is the choice and obsession with the primary matterial that is employed: the medicine or the wrapping, the packaging, the blister, and most recently the aluminium foil. It entails a deductive trajectory of the evolution of humanity’ s perception in regards to the healing of the soul and the body. The combination and arrangement of drug capsules -painkillers, antibiotics, psychoactive medication- reveals the implications of the artists about the content and the result of the use.

With the unit of pills or the wrapping, she composes impressive images made of metal walls, stained glass of renowned western cathedrals, wallpapers, laces, mosaics. A sculpture of a human figure made of effervescent tablets is presented in a video during the process of dissolution in water. The tablets, in different colours and shapes, and their wrappings, are developed in geometrical, repeating patterns with strict structure, absolute symmetry and outstanding execution, ending up in the creation of an illusionary image with multiple extensions and associations.

Her last works in 2013, drawing both their iconographic constituent and figurative idiom from biology and specifically from the enlarged developments of bacteria under the microscope, end up in new forms and figures, new visual propositions. The artist thinks that the three units of her work impress “the history of medication as a palimpsest of metaphysics, nature and science”.

In the three units co-exist works of painting, assemblage, wallpapers, mosaics, installations, video. In her works, the intensive conceptual background, combined with the humble and perishable material, the inspired execution and a definitive time consuming manual element always concluding to aesthetic enjoyment.

Peggy Kliafa studied in the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Opening: Thursday, 28 November, 20.00-23.00

Exhibition duration until 11 January 2014

Start date:

28 Nov 2013

End date:

11 Jan 2014


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