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The Symptom Projects 4

The Symptom Projects 4

– Group Exhibition –

Group Exhibition:


The Symptom Projects

Old Hospital of Amfissa, Amfissa

Curator: Apostolis Artinos


Artwork: Installation

Viagra Portrait on a Romantic Wallpaper

In Peggy Kliafa‘s installation, a painted portrait of a Viagra tablet is hanged with its precious frame in front of a wallpaper of romantic themes. On the one hand, the romantic celebration of sexual desire and on the other its chemical demystification. Yet, both are conditions of loss. Between deterioration and decline intervenes another counter that records indifferently their differences.

Apostolis Artinos



Participating Artists – Symptom project 4:

Antouanetta Aggelidi, Nikos Artemis, Loukia Alavanou, Rea Valden, Athanassia Vidali, Steve Giannakos, George Gyparakis, Christos Delidimos, George Jacote, The Callas, Lizy Kalliga, Nikos Kanarelis, Eirini Karagiannopoulou, Konstantinos Ladianos, Anna Laskari, Maria Lianou, Eleni Lyra, Karolina Mei, Eleni Mbagaki, Eleni Mylona, Dimitris Dokatzis, Nina Papakonstantinou, Foteini Papahatzi, Stavroula Papadaki, Peggy Kliafa-Sakkoula, Nana Sahini, Chrisanthos Sotiropoulos, Alkis Chatziandreou, Jana Stojakovic, Joshua and Zachary Sandler

The Symptom Projects is a platform that seeks to investigate the “symptom” in art. The “symptom” – that dark experience of the lacanian psychoanalysis, the linguistic event that elicits the undisposed trace of the real, the unrevealed trace of the object.

Cooperating with artists, curators, theorists and literary authors, The Symptom Projects become in that way a space for thought, as well as an experimental forum that attempts to investigate, through exhibition events, round-tables and text production, the uncharted inventory that is nevertheless the originating reference of any work of art.
The exhibition activity of The Symptom Projects evolves in two exhibition cycles: the symptom, which is mainly yearly group exhibitions of contemporary art, and es-optron, a series of also annual exhibitions of photography.
The exhibitions are accompanied by meetings with writers and experimental-music live performances.

Apostolis Artinos – Kostas Christopoulos

Installation: Viagra Portrait on a Romantic Wallpaper – 2013 Viagra Portrait – 2013 – Acrylic colors on canvas, wooden frame – 75,5 X 63,5 cm
Wallpaper made of fabric - 2013 – 268 X 232 cm
Εγκατάσταση: Πορτραίτο του Viagra πάνω σε Ρομαντική Ταπετσαρία - 2013 Πορτραίτο του Viagra – 2013 – Ακρυλικά χρώματα σε καμβά, ξύλινη κορνίζα – 75,5 Χ 63,5 εκ.
Ταπετσαρία υφασμάτινη – 2013 - 268 X 232 cm
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