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The Fourth Stage, Abstract Theory & the Silver Lining of Allegorical Necessity

The Fourth Stage, Abstract Theory & the Silver Lining of Allegorical Necessity

– Group Exhibition –

Opening: September 18th 2018

Exhibition duration: August 15 – November 15, 2018

Location: IFAC Arts @ The Yard 85 Delancey St 2nd and 3rd Floors, New York, NY 10002

Curators: Eric Friedmann, Sozita Goudouna, and Lee Wells

Participating artists: Eugenia Apostolou, Martin Durazo, Maria Fragoudaki, Eric Friedmann, Yioula Hadjigeorgiou, Sofia Housou, Dana James, Kathryn Karwat, Douglas Ward Kelley, Peggy Kliafa, Christine de Lignieres, Berdt Naber, Lindsey Nobel, Leoandros Pigades, Lina Pigadioti, Mahy Polymeropoulos, João Salema, Ashley Taraban, Li Trincere, Johan Wahlstrom, Agni Zotis 

Peggy Kliafa participates in the show with the artworks:

Colony, 2018, 44×34 cm. Acrylic colors on canvas


“today, reality is itself hyperrealistic” Baudrillard

IFAC Arts and The Yard Lower East Side celebrate 5 years of collaboration by presenting a group of twenty-one international artists pushing the boundaries of abstraction and help lead us into a new historical situation; Super-modernism. This exhibition hopes to clarify some things by creating a non-place designed to release us from mundane involuntary distractions and assorted spectacles confined by post-modern discourse. Some have said we are discussing alternative forms of conceptual Platonism but they are most likely wrong. The cave never existed. Reality, an infinite reflection of nothing, has no trace and no shadow to inform us, leading us to question shaky allegorical concepts of originality and meaning. The performative experience takes precedence over location, object, and subject, everything is complementary and seeks to create an independent language and dialogue through the totality of the juxtapositions.

We find ourselves here after a long period of silence and dissected judgement, imagining an art beyond desire and sentimentality, somewhere between simulacra and simulation. An art with no relationship to reluctant redundant hyperrealities, only existing in a dreamy undefined emotional renaissance without care for symbolic historic placeholders. An art evolved from various forms of perceived purity and truth, aesthetically beautiful but not politically correct. An art which leaves the real world behind for many good reasons, for the things in common rarely outweigh the differences. All of this in turn offers us the liberty to reassert significance in the fourth stage.

Special thanks to The Yard and Art Program Director Michaeline Sanders.


INTERNATIONAL FINE ARTS CONSORTIUM IFAC Arts, is a semi-nomadic curatorial platform based in New York City and Athens Greece

2018 • 44x34cm, acrylic colors on canvas
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