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– Group Exhibition –

Exhibition duration: 29 March-3 May 2014

Location: Modern Greek Art Museum of the Municipality of Rhodes, Greece

Curators: Lefteris Kryssalis, Myrto Ioannidi, Hara Sklavounou, Giannis Karadimas, Alkistis Kounelaki

COORDINATOR: Kostas Ioannidis, Assistant Professor ASFA

Participating artists: Athanassios Anastassopoulos, Leonidas Giannakopoulos, Eleni Dimitriadou, Olga Evagelidou, Anni Zavitsanou, Alexandros Kaklamanos, Dimitris Kalogeros, Nicos Karakonstandis, Otta-Artemis Katsampani, Peggy Kliafa, Pandelis Konstandinou, Assimina Landavou, Eleni Mantzorou, Nicos Marinis, Evdokia Metheniti, Katerina Mitsiali, Paraskevi Moustaki, Stella Mporoutzi, Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos, Nicolova Petia, Alexandra Sinopoulou, Andonis Stoantzikis, Christina Stratsiani, Hara Taliadorou, Maria Tsirakoglou, Andy Tsomani, Iraklis Fovakis, Marilia Fotopoulou, Zoi Chatzigianni, Stella Christofi, Vassiliki Psarou

Peggy Kliafa participates in the show with the artwork:

Armory, 2011, 100×70 cm. Aluminium pills’ blisters, silicone, plexiglass-piece on the wall



The present exhibition presents the artworks, highlights the new artistic trends and current ways of artistic expression, and documents the final results of the training in visual arts undergone and of the research in the art field performed by the graduates of the Visual Arts’ Department of the Athens School of Fine Arts during their studies the academic year 2010-1011. In this respect, the exhibition offers a comprehensive picture of the graduates’ diploma projects and of the Department’s overall educational results.

The A.S.F.A. has always been an educational and art institution which, apart from its literal training role, more generally serves as an active “greenhouse” for cultivating and developing the visual arts in our country. It is well known that in Greece, Art, the work of art and the artist exist on their own, without any consistent, comprehensive policy of supporting the artistic expression, without any stable, well-established art institutions. In this context, the present cooperation of the ASFA with the Modern Greek Art Museum of the Municipality of Rhodes, complements in a certain degree deficiencies and employs an broader and weighty importance for the young artists who participate in this exhibition, as well as for the artistic and the surrounding community of the inhabitants of Rhodes, and for the cultural tourism too.

This cooperation is indeed a synergy with multiple and reciprocating results for both cooperating vectors and generally for the society of Rhodes itself, which is the final recipient. I hope it is a start which in the future will give fertile fruits and development of common programs between the ASFA, the Modern Greek Art Museum of the Municipality of Rhodes, and the Region of South Aegean.

I thank on behalf of the School all the participating graduates, the factors of this exhibition and especially the responsible of the ASFA Gallery Maria Mamaliga who coordinated and supported this cooperation, the students of the Department of Theory of the ASFA who curated and erected the exhibition , and especially the beloved colleague Assistant Professor of the Department of Theory of the ASFA Kosta Ioannidi who had the supervision of the curatorial team and its preparation. Finally, I warmly thank the President of the Modern Greek Art Museum of the Municipality of Rhodes Nico Frona who welcomed and supported in every way the realization of this cooperation, as well as the Region of South Aegean Department of Culture, without the economic assistance of which it could not have been realized.

George Harvalias
Rector of ASFA


The exhibition “Shortly” comprises of artworks of the graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts of 2010-1011. We attempted a choice with criteria the emergence of the multiple trends that the students of the specific period followed but also of the different aspects of the visual production of our days. It is indicative, as far as this is concerned, the number of artistic means (installations, digital means, painting, sculpture) which are utilized.

The open character of the exhibition’s title is not random, since it rises the issue of expectation of what is about to emerge in the future from the creative forces of the yesterday’s graduates and today’s creators. In its thematic core there are, among others, questioning about memory, the individuality, the coexistence of tradition with the future, the intervention of the digital reproduction in the sight, as well as issues of form and materials. In that way , following the exhibition the visitor can distinguish broader aspects of contemporary art, but also the dynamics of individual efforts as far as their future evolution is concerned.

The transfer of these artworks at the Modern Greek Art Museum of Rhodes, indicates towards the direction of new perspectives of cooperation. With this move new space to emerging visual artists is given to present their artworks. Simultaneously, a new public has the chance to contact with them. The spreading of ideas through the development of the artistic institutions of the periphery is an element that we hope to define future efforts as well.

The curatorial team: Myrto Ioannidi, Giannis Karadimos,

Alkistis Kounelaki, Lefteris Kryssalis, Hara Sklavounou


With great delight and satisfaction, the Members of the Board of Directors of the Modern Greek Art Museum of Rhodes and I personally , welcome the inauguration of the cooperation with the ASFA, starting with the exhibition of the graduates of the department of Visual Arts, of the academic year 2010-2011.

This cooperation, only positive multiple results will bring to both cooperating vectors. It is the start of a program which in the future through common planning will help the ongoing development of the Municipal Gallery from one side and from the other side it will give the opportunity and the capability to the ASFA to open its wings outside the Capital, to the periphery of our country, with final recipient the society of Rhodes and the hundreds thousands of national and foreign visitors of our country.

The presented exhibition which has the title “Shortly graduates 2010-2011” with its educational linked only character, creates hopes for the future of the young artists. Through the struggles of their work and their life, the following years will pursue a fertile evolution and establishment in the art world through their produced work.

On behalf of the Museum, I desire to thank wholeheartedly the Rector of the ASFA Mr George Harvalias, who promoted this cooperation, our compatriot responsible of the ASFA Gallery Mrs Maria Mamaliga, who supported the start of this cooperation with enthusiasm, the students of the Department of Theory of the ASFA and their Professor Mr Kostas Ioannidis who curated and erected the exhibition.

Finally, the co-organizer Pegion of South Aegean department of culture, for its demonstrated sensitivity to the visual arts’ events and its stable economic support.

Dr. Nicolaos Ts. Fronas
President of the Modern Greek Art Museum of Rhodes

Armory – 2011 – Aluminum pills’ blisters, silicone, plexi glass – 100 X 70 cm – piece on the wall
Armory – 2011 – Συσκευασίες χαπιών (blister) αλουμινίου, σιλικόνη, πλεξι γκλας – 100 Χ 70 εκ. - επιτοίχιο έργο
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