Opening: Thursday 11 April 2019

Duration: 11 April – 10 May 2019

Location: Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

Catalogue’s text: Thalea Stefanidou

Participating artists: George Lappas, Aphrodite Liti, Peggy Kliafa


Peggy Kliafa participates in the show with the artworks:

Youth, 2018, Light box by plexiglass, Botulinum ToxinA vials, led light, 55 x 100 x 10 cm

Viagra Portrait, 2013, Acrylic colors on canvas, wooden frame, 75,5 x 63,5 cm

Pills’ Portraits – Contraceptives, 2019, Acrylic colors and marker on canvas,
wooden frame, brass plate, 61 x 52 cm

Armour or Migraine Killer Dress – Homage to Andy Warhol, 2019, 800 Migraine empty pills’ blisters & painkiller pills, aluminum sheets, plexiglass, screws, 190 x 65 x 12 cm plus base (40 x 40 x 2 cm)

Armour or Slimming Dress, 2019, Cholesterol empty pills’ blisters & slimming pills, aluminum sheets, plexiglass, screws, 190 x 65 x 12 cm plus base (40 x 40 x 2 cm)



Three sculptural propositions as allegories of transformations and rephrasing, concentration or scale change, even as dynamic games between the form and the anti-form.

The visual arts compositions of George Lappas, constructions with the dense metallic material, provide us with approximation types of symbolic formations mainly, regarding  the human condition, at random, even in ecumenical ethics and the significance of the mythical thinking.

The “mimic” objects of Aphrodite Liti, microcosms in magnification made of metals, semiprecious stones and mirrors, compose a miraculous physiological universe, which confirms the perception of the creator about the structures of the (C)osmos, as a jewel.

The rearrangements of the skillfully transformed readymade raw material of Peggy Kliafa, aesthetic “alchemical preparations of art”, function in a frame of redefinitions of the visual arts past in terms of the present, looking forward to a horizon of the future.


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